4 December 2015
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Trending Web Design and Developement

Trending Web Design and Developement

Each year introduces something new in the world of Internet. Be it the web development, designing or mobile app development, everything is undergoing through the experimental stage and new discoveries will continue to affect due to changing trends over the years. Well, the good news is that, the Internet itself is offering so many possibilities to interchange your ideas in web design and what’s more, you don’t have to hook up to the old days of web designing anymore because modern designs are easy to use and implement as compared to the old ways.

Flat Web Design: Web Surfers Don’t Like Complicated Designs…They Need it Flat

Thanks to the technology, now billions of users have access to the internet via smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops so there is a great probability if you have a good looking website, chances are that users will be heading to your website more than usual. With the increasing popularity of these devices, a new wave of web design has started to gaining popularity. Yes! This is flat web design. This design is completely different from skeuomorphic web design (which included real time images and references along with drop shadow and gradients). Flat web design, introduces the use of typography, simple elements, lots of whitespaces and flat colors to depict the simplicity of the web design which really amused the users.

Responsive Web Design: Mobile Browsing Isn’t a Problem Anymore

A problem that mobile users faced before responsive web design was that, size of the web would look small in smaller screens and because of that, users faced too many difficulties in browsing the web on a mobile. In addition, they were unable to click or select text/images due to small size and accidentally they clicked something else. During 2010-2015, responsive web designs have grown significantly in popularity because mobile users were able to easily browse websites on their mobile in higher resolution. This made websites look compatible with the size of your screen. If screen size is small, fonts will appear large and content outline will change along with a different menu altogether.

Parallax Web Design: Easy Content Deliverability

Parallax web designs and JavaScript animations have grown in popularity in the recent years. Newer websites, mostly feature parallax web design using minimal design and convey as much content as possible. On a single page and occupying as less space as possible, Parallax web design has made it possible for the readers to have an easy access to the content. Even more, the introduction of JavaScript animations has also added better functionalities and dynamic approach to these designs.

There were more than one billion users surfing the web online in 2011 and different characteristics of web design had been introduced during that time. Yes! This was the same year when CSS3 was released and many developments have been experienced together with the evolution of responsive web design. By the end of 2014, the internet was nearly 25 years old and had already seen huge changes in its way. Information became feasible, shopping became convenient and communication became effortless soon after 2015 approached the door.

Well! Doors aren’t going to shut here, there is a lot more that is knocking up the door and what it is, 2016 will tell us! Till then, bye and take care…

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